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Naujausia 5.5.2 versija.
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Atnauinimų istorija

27.06.2018 - ver 5.5.2
   - Fix: "WPBMap Uncaught Exception" for modifyParam API method

22.06.2018 - ver 5.5.1
   - Fix: "WPBMap Uncaught Exception" for dropParam and addParam API methods

07.06.2018 - ver 5.5
   - Added: Undo/Redo operations available for the editor actions
   - Added: Gutenberg compatibility elements to insert Gutenberg blocks in the WPBakery layout
   - Added: 5 columns grid layout for rows
   - Added: RTL support for the full width rows
   - Added: Settings to enable/disable Gutenberg plugin
   - API Added: vc_shortcode_prepare_atts to update prepared shortcode attributes
   - API Added: vc_map_get_attributes to add new, modify all compiled attributes
   - API Added: vc_basic_grid_filter_query_filters to modify custom query in posts grid.
   - API Added: vc_is_valid_post_type_be to disable/enable Backend Editor for several post type
   - API Added: vc_show_button_fe to show Edit With WPB in Frontend Editor
   - API Update: vc_shortcode_output added shortcode tag in attributes
   - Update: Order by "include" added to WooCommerce
   - Update: WooCommerce elements default order/orderby synchronized
   - Update: Isotope/Masonry library version update
   - Update: Performance improvements for the Frontend Editor loading
   - Update: Performance improvements for the Editor Save
   - Update: Performance improvements for the Posts Grid loading
   - Update: WPML compatibility for posts/front pages
   - Update: RevSlider compatibility improvements
   - Update: Ninja Forms compatibility improvements
   - Update: ChartJS library update
   - Update: vc_wpautop, vc_wpnop versions updated
   - Fix: PHP 7.2 compatibility improvements
   - Fix: Post Slider custom links work properly
   - Fix: Extra p tags in grid removed
   - Fix: Blog page design options work properly
   - Fix: WPML single image translation available
   - Fix: HoverBox element on iOS and Firefox improvements
   - Fix: Builder.parse in frontend
   - Fix: Custom OnClick action in buttons for Posts Grids
   - Fix: Shortcode attributes update by reference inside filter vc_shortcode_output

08.03.2018 - ver 5.4.7
   - Fix: Custom shortcode mapping

07.03.2018 - ver 5.4.6
   - Update: Compatibility with PHP 7.2 added
   - Update: Compatibility filters for WP Toolset added
   - Update: French translation updated
   - Update: Persian translation updated

24.11.2017 - ver 5.4.5
   - Fix: Firefox tinymce and vc_link issue
   - Fix: WooCommerce vendor categories list

16.11.2017 - ver 5.4.4
   - Fix: TinyMCE Saves linebreaks

15.11.2017 - ver 5.4.3
   - Added: Shortcode support in raw_html
   - Added: More filters for vc_btn shortcode
   - Update: Shortcode automapper admin content escaping
   - Fix: Improve WordPress 4.9 tinyMCE support
   - Compatibility: with WordPress 4.9
   - Compatibility: with WP Tool Set plugin

12.10.2017 - ver 5.4.2
   - Fix: "Update failed: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided." 

12.10.2017 - ver 5.4
   - Update: WPBakery page builder logo update
   - Update: Navigation bar color schema in Backend and Grid Builder
   - Update: TweetMe text update with WPBakery data
   - Update: FontAwesome library update
   - Update: PO/MO files with new strings
   - Fix: Param saving dependant on checkbox
   - Fix: Extra javascript loading with Yoast SEO activated
   - Fix: Double shortcode parsing in WPB field
   - Fix: Checkbox param value repeat inside param group
   - Fix: Fixed encodeUriComponent
   - Fix: Device icons for column responsiveness
   - Fix: WPML vendor
   - Fix: ZigZag separator display on Firefox
   - Fix: Element presets category merge

15.09.2017 - ver 5.3
   - Update: WordPress native color interface
   - Update: New interface icons
   - Update: New SVG element icons
   - Update: FontAwesome library is updated
   - Update: With new color scheme comes new name WPBakery Page Builder

03.08.2017 - ver 5.2.1
   Update: Function add_shortcode_param returned
   Update: Function get_row_css_class returned
   Update: Function wpb_map returned
   Fix: std fixed for attribute types nested in a param group
   Fix: vc_js error on frontend editor
   Fix: Font dropdown in TinyMCE for WordPress 4.8.1

06.06.2017 - ver 5.2
   Added: RTL support
   Added: HoverBox content element
   Added: ZigZag separator content element
   Added: Parallax effect added to columns
   Added: video background added to columns
   Update: element presets work as My Elements in Add Element window
   Update: drag and drop control in Role Manager
   Update: deprecated functions removed
   Update: Arabic translation
   Update: Russian translation
   Update: Spanish translation
   Fix: TinyMCE performance in Backend editor
   Fix: remove obsolete function designOptions
   Fix: Layer Slider compatibility issues
   Fix: templates user access
   Fix: shortcode saving in fe adds 0="" 
   Fix: duplicate icons when adding custom icon font
   Fix: subscriber see WPBakery Page Builder welcome page
   Fix: WPML vendor issue
   Fix: page returns 0 when clicking add to cart from grid template
   Fix: shortcode regexp for dash in shortcode name
   Fix: preg_replace result, replacement and extra space
   Fix: filesystem error when saving design options (css) in settings
   Fix: woocommerce product id in grid api
   Fix: tabs/tours/accordions role access

04.04.2017 - ver 5.1.1
   Added: extra security check for grid ajax calls to harden security

09.03.2017 - ver 5.1
   Added: Element Id for all elements
   Added: Image size control for Grid Builder media elements
   Update: Grid Builder Backend editor style user interface
   Update: List of available Google Fonts
   Fix: getJSON backward compatibility for jQuery
   Fix: vcIcon font family
   Fix: postDeactivate redirect url
   Fix: Extra isset check in case if vc_remove_param
   Fix: Not all child categories are displayed in the drop-down
   Fix: Autocomplete param sorting
   Fix: Shortcode mapper and shortcodes with dashes
   Fix: Can not read property of 'IndexOf'
   Fix: Custom CSS textarea height
   Fix: Missing scrollbar for view preset
   Fix: Fix vc_gitem_template_attribute_post_image_url warning for array_merge
   Fix: Box-shadow and borders for twenty-seventeen
   Fix: Media query for added css files
   Fix: Increase gap in edit form for google fonts
   Fix: Hiding all "Tabs" in tab module still displays active item
   Fix: php 7.1 compatibility issues
   Fix: Section save as template option

17.11.2016 - ver 5.0.1
   Improved: Auto update process on hostings with wrong chmod on /tmp directory
   Fixed: CSS Animation "none" works differently on save
   Fixed: Prettyphoto jumps up on closing in firefox
   Fixed: Section in template breaks
   Fixed: Warning for array_merge in vc_gitem_template_attribute_post_image_url

09.11.2016 - ver 5.0
   Added: WPBakery Page Builder Template Library with downloadable templates
   Added: Section element to combine rows
   Added: Material icon set to icon libraries
   Added: Animate CSS animations
   Added: template saving for section and row
   Update: all elements has CSS animation attribute
   Update: UI of element preset saving
   Update: editor controls with retina friendly icon set
   Update: IE8-9 support files removed
   Update: compatibility with Ninja Forms
   Update: less.js version update for better performance
   Update: activation/deactivation mechanism
   Update: iconpicker performance
   Fix: php notice for default post type
   Fix: php notices for post save
   Fix: autocomplete element removing indexes
   Fix: warning foreach for acf grid shortcodes
   Fix: activation state on multisite
   Fix: custom heading google fonts loading
   Deprecated: class license methods in favor of 4.8
   Deprecated: droppable and draggable methods in javascript for rows

07.09.2016 - ver 4.12.1
   Fixed: backend editor loading - getContent in case if #content doesn't exists
   Fixed: Grid item background image URL quoting
   Fixed: Entypo icons
   Fixed: Templates preview element icons
   Fixed: Remove extra next/prev buttons for prettyPhoto
   Fixed: Lightbox in firefox
   Fixed: Empty content welcome block for latest woocommerce
   Fixed: Hook into the YoastSEO:ready event directly.
   Fixed: Disable scrollTo when autoplay enabled
   Fixed: PrettyPhoto is-single hover controls
   Fixed: Grid Item ajax response rendering when no posts found
   Updated: Make old names for deprecated elements
   Updated: Old buttons and CTA removed from add element list
   Updated: FontAwesome to 4.6.3

08.06.2016 - ver 4.12
   - Added: Set default templates for post types
   - Added: Option to disable/hide row
   - Added: ’nofollow’ attribute option for links
   - Added: onclick action option for links
   - Improved: CSS file loading
   - Improved: Custom Heading added to Toggle(Faq)
   - Improved: Compatibility with qTranslate X and Polylang
   - Improved: French translation files
   - Fixed: White line in grid on mac chrome
   - Fixed: vc_vendor for Yoast
   - Fixed: Post grid and post masonry grid settings
   - Fixed: Lightbox prettyPhoto JS
   - Fixed: Shortcode mapper default value
   - Fixed: Server resource control
   - Fixed: textarea_raw_html in param_group
   - Fixed: Image doubling in masonry grid
   - Fixed: Locale file for Japanese
   - Fixed: Contact Form 7 search by title
   - Fixed: Version display on Welcome page
   - Fixed: Equal Height on IE11
   - Fixed: ‘js_composer_front.min.js and Masonry component
   - Fixed: Ability to disable accordion scroll
   - Fixed: ‘Add Template’ and WPML conflict
   - Fixed: Autocomplete field
   - Fixed: PrettyPhoto navigation in Image Carousel
   - Fixed: Loop builder in grid
   - Fixed: Woo Commerce product settings

07.04.2016 - ver 4.11.2
   - Added: Compatibility with WP 4.5
   - Added: Filter for database query limits
   - Improved: Input Sanitization
   - Improved: TGMPA compatibility
   - Improved: Pageable Container Back button behaviour
   - Improved: vc_siteAttachedImages now uses get_posts instead of direct query
   - Improved: Ordering by meta key in grid elements
   - Improved: loop param work with multiple taxonomies selection
   - Fixed: Google maps scroll behaviour
   - Fixed: Initial loading for Masonry Media Grid
   - Fixed: Advanced Custom Fields vendor initialization
   - Fixed: Post Grid filter taxonomy names collapsing

16.03.2016 - ver 4.11.1
   - Fixed: WPML + Image selection is working again
   - Fixed: vc_remove_param() + Custom WP Theme Front-end editor broke Text block

10.03.2016 - ver 4.11
   - Added: New predefined templates added
   - Added: Mono Social icons added to icon library list
   - Added: 'All' text in grid element filters can be modified in param window
   - Added: Gradient button style for buttons
   - Added: Grid element initial loading controls (including 'Disable' option)
   - Added: TweetMe Button content element params description added
   - Update: WordPress 4.5 compatibility added
   - Update: Additional element description in Backend editor
   - Update: Video background autoplay on mobile devices
   - Update: Refactor grid params array system
   - Update: In some cases relative path to admin-ajax.php returned 404, replaced with full path
   - Fixed: Russian language adds new content tab
   - Fixed: Content display on video background in IE10
   - Fixed: wp_get_attachment_url work with arg
   - Fixed: php7 array slice indexes
   - Fixed: '_self' attribute fix in CTA and button
   - Fixed: get_currentuserinfo() updated
   - Fixed: Full height row and iteration issue
   - Fixed: ACF foreach warning fixed
   - Fixed: Link stripping from images added from "Add Media" 

09.02.2016 - ver 4.10
    - Added: Compatibility with option to add ACF to page
    - Added: Video width and alignment controls
    - Added: Parallax speed parameter added
    - Added: Category and Author elements added to Grid Builder
    - Added: Link to author in Grid Builder
    - Update: License tab available with 'set as theme’
    - Update: TweetMe button updated to support new styles
    - Update: Fontawesome library updated
    - Update: Grid Builder templates include user templates
    - Fixed: Add Media image sorting in WYSIWYG
    - Fixed: Single image preview in Grid Builder
    - Fixed: WP Theme 2016 underline fix
    - Fixed: Tabs outline style fix
    - Fixed: Iconpicker icons rendering on category change
    - Fixed: ACF fields rendering in Grid Builder

12.01.2016 - ver 4.9.2
   - Fixed: "Editing an existing Post Grid, page IDs are displayed instead of titles." 
   - Fixed: Extra CSS class name for single image in post grid
   - Fixed: Third elements not working in templates
   - Fixed: WPBakery Page Builder button is now added even if post doesn't support title
   - Fixed: Yoast + single image without default value
   - Fixed: Grid builder on multisite
   - Fixed: 404 error on WP multisite
   - Improved: Tab activation through menu (links on same page)
   - Improved: PHP7 compatibility

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